Claire Dulmage, Psychological Associate

Claire Dulmage is a registered Psychological Associate in School Psychology. Claire provides psycho-educational assessments for school age children (from 6 to 16 years) in order to help children/youth succeed educationally. Assessments involve a detailed exploration of a young person’s learning profile, identifying strengths as well as any areas of need or disability. With this rich picture, recommendations for individualised interventions and strategies are provided to support the child/young person to best achieve their academic potential.

Claire brings a unique perspective to her work by blending both school psychology and teaching experience. She has spent the last 18 years providing psychology services to children/youth in schools on both sides of the ocean, including inner-city London (England), Surrey (England), Western Quebec, and for the last 13 years at the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO).

Claire is experienced in consulting and working in partnership with parents, teachers/educators, professionals, and community agencies to best meet the needs of children/young people. With 25 years of experience working in schools, Claire understands the types of approaches, supports, programs, and services accessible to students with learning and/or social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. Claire has spoken at conferences and has also written and delivered many workshops and training programs for educators (teachers, resource teachers, principals) and parents on a range of topics such as Learning Disabilities, executive functioning, working memory, anxiety, and supporting mathematical learning.

Claire completed her Psychology degree at the University of Wales, UK. Claire also qualified as teacher (London University, England), and worked for four years as both a teacher and special education resource teacher in London (England). Claire returned to London University (England) in 2003 to complete her Master of Science in Educational Psychology. She moved to Canada in 2005.